Reply Indicator on Replies

I saw some similar posts but I think this is unique. On the “maslow cnc forums”, I have been having this issue for quite some time. Here is the link to my documentation on what seems like an issue. I have tried using different browsers on laptop and iPhone. Can anyone offer any insight on this?


If there is

  • a single reply


  • it is directly underneath the post it is replying to

… then metadata is suppressed in the interests of keeping the overall noise down, as it is generally clear from the existing verbal context that this is a reply.

Site owners can change this behavior in their site settings. Search for the word “suppress”.


Thanks! That looks to be the case in the screen shots I posted on the maslowcnc forums.

Good to know. Thanks very much!

Is there also a condition that requires posts from other users to be…in between…for lack of a better word? In my post#5 above I selected the text and pressed the “quote” button, which showed a reply to “codinghorror” but then it disappears after posting.


The explicit quote itself tells you it was a reply, so why would other indicators be needed?

The typical reply indicator (screenshot below) is a link to the specific post being replied to; very helpful. But yeah, as it works now makes sense…I just didn’t put it together. Thanks.


Ask yourself whether you need a link to get all the way to the post directly above. If so, and the administrators of maslowcnc agree then they can turn it on. For most it’s unnecessary visual noise.

Thanks, very helpful!