An RSS icon is needed


(Scott Trager) #1

Continuing the discussion from Top Posts - Getting List on another page:

There should be an RSS icon somewhere so users know that a site supports it. (toggle in admin for those users who don’t want to advertise the functionality?)

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Long story, but rss has been increasingly deemphasized for years by browser UIs.

Also it is hard to detect for clients when we build the links in JavaScript as we do.

The general expectation is if you know what it is for, you will know how to find it.

(Zack) #3

If you know where they are you could probably just put the links in a thread called rss so people can search for it or just a link in the header or welcome post to that post and/or straight to feed.

(Kane York) #4

Sounds like a good use for that Meta category you have by default :wink:

(Scott Trager) #5

I think he means (forgive me if i’m wrong @thump) you should create a post in the default installation, so when a new Discourse admin is setting up their site they have a reference link kind of like the welcome post you have now. This way less technical admins both know RSS is available, and have the information they need to quickly create feeds.

(Kane York) #6

Nope, I’m saying that if you think your community needs to know about latest.rss, then you should create a Meta post telling people about it.

(Scott Trager) #7

No not you riking - I think That’s what thump was saying TO you…

Unless he was talking to me in which case he was saying the same thing you just did…

But the point of the icon isn’t to let your community know you support RSS per-say. It’s to allow an easy reference for other sites who might want to syndicate content from your site.

(Mittineague) #8

Granted, the forum is skewed to web dev techies, but I was a bit surprised many still do use RSS

I’m thinking for the Discourse pages that don’t have native RSS that using JSON would be the best approach

(Scott Trager) #9

We did use JSON ultimatly because we had no choice, but RSS is good to use when you can because there are like a bajillion snippets and scripts out there (many of which are pre-themed and look GOOD and only need minor adjustments) for RSS and only a few good ones for JSON, none of which we could get to work here (@zogstrip provided me with a fantastic working example we were able to use to make some great stuff with)

EDIT: It’s also much easier to work with for novice and intermediary coders.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Sorry, RSS still doesn’t make sense for /top though. There are plenty of other RSS feeds on the site.