Is it possible to have public rss feeds with Discourse without plugins?

Context of a question

1. problem

I’m in these groups, I’m committed as a developer:

  • https:// discourse
  • https:// swi-prolog.

2. Solution

  1. If Discourse had a public rss feed, I could follow any Discourse forum, but that raises a question - do the Discourse server owners want this?
  2. My problem is that I wish there was a public rss feed, most programming language conversations are public. I think it makes sense initially what I’m asking to solve this single sign-on issue on various Discourse forums - as I asked about single sign-on and there is no single sign-on for that in Discourse, Discourse is not like Stackoverflow. And that’s not a criticism or suggestion that it’s like Stackoverflow. About this issue…
  3. I raised a question about single sign-on and what I learned is that Discourse is similar to Wordpress, so it depends on the site owners and not Discourse itself to do certain things. There are solutions like DiscourseHub to solve this, which I think is very good - but it doesn’t solve my initial problem, there are easy ways to solve this… maybe something… like mandatory public rss feed for the entire Discourse is easier
  4. Here’s a partial solution to this problem - I’m aware of the existence of Discourse plugins for rss feed - but would I have to go from forum to forum asking to release the rss feed?
  5. But that would be impractical and exhausting! Wouldn’t it be possible for Discourse to implement a public rss feed feature so that all sites using Discourse would automatically release the public rss feed without plugins so that I or anyone else could follow the public information on the Discourse network?
  6. I believe that if Discourse had this feature, it would be interesting for you to follow your favorite forums without necessarily having to log in individually every time for this, unless you want to post something, the most interesting thing would be to just receive the information in rss.

3. References

4. Demo

  • https:// discourse
  • https:// swi-prolog.

How is this different than the URLs in your first link? These exist:

An RSS feed of latest posts (and several other routes), is a core feature:


As @schleifer points out, this is a core feature of Discourse, and one I’ve used for years! I only sign up on sites I want to participate, but most Discourse sites I read via my feed reader.

Pro-tip: use the top feeds (Discourse Meta - Top topics) :sunglasses:


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