Analytics in Admin Page is no longer working

The consolidated view to be specific.

It started yesterday and today was affected as well.

I thought the boards are pretty active yesterday and today and we were expecting some new records.

Major Changes:

  • We had a downtime in the middle of the day for like 30 mins yesterday. It was due to an over due unpaid hosting bill. Once we paid the bill, the server is back but the site wasn’t. We had to start the app. It worked after we started the app using the command line.
  • The incident time seems consistent with yesterday analytics. It seems after the incident happened, no more pageviews were counted. Today’s page views are 0 across the different users segments.

That’s all.

The other analytics looks healthy, no?


I have the exact same behavior. Hosted on Digital Ocean. Any information will be appreciated.

I installed the data-explorer plug in right before this happened.


We’re looking at this with @tgxworld and @eviltrout, could be a bug.


Apologies, this commit will fix it:

Unfortunately the issue was with the logging of requests, so there will be a gap in your report.


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