Dashboard Showing 0 Page views not correct

As of today my dashboard is showing 0 page views and 1 user visit. Which I know is not true. I posted a few things and had people commenting on them on another chat, so I know they visited.

What can I do?

By the way I have always wondered what is considered a page view? since our pages are more of an infinite scroll rather than defined pages.

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Those stats get updated only once per day.

If you look around a bit you can find the definition of a page view.


What is the point on having “Today’s” views if it is only updated once a day, so it will be inaccurate until tomorrow when it is no longer “Today” ?

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I think I might have been wrong.

You are right in that the number shown does not change a lot throughout the day, in my case today our forum probably broke the pageviews record today, but the number is stuck in a very small value, and not even pulling the actual pageviews report change anything for today…

Yesturday I installed the data-explorer plug in and was wondering if it broke anything…

Similar to my problem here:

Analytics in Admin Page is no longer working

This seems to be a problem with one of the recent updates in discourse itself I believe as 2 incidents have been reported around the same time doesn’t make it like a plug-in problem, I guess.

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