[Android] Topic control dropdown activates keyboard

(Lars) #1

One of my users notified me that when you use Android and activate the “topic control”-dropdown, the keyboard activates, even though you can’t input anything anywhere. I confirmed it on my S8+ with Oreo using Chrome.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

I can repro this as well. Not just “Topic Controls” but also the notification state controls. cc @joffreyjaffeux.

(Lars) #4

As a side note, pressing the wrench icon brings up admin tools (if you’re admin) - doesn’t look like you can fold that one back, and it looks weird when scrolling over a youtube onebox (the title of the youtube box is over the admin panel)…

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #6

Fixed by


(Joffrey Jaffeux) #7