Some issue user profile when visiting through mobile

I was visiting my profile and thought to fill up my bio in the profile and there I saw some issues.

First, the bio box has an alignment issue.

Second, when I tried to select the date for Birthday date drop-down then the drop-down kept opening and closing in an instant. Along with opening and closing of drop-down the mobile keyboard also pops up and goes back. This thing went on going for every time I tried to select the date. And because of this I never got a chance to actually select any date.

I am using Moto G5 Plus with Android 7.0 and using Google Chrome (latest version).

@joffreyjaffeux, the cakeday issue seems to be caused by select-kit.

@awesomerobot/@zogstrip, I can repro the composer issue on a narrow screened device in the Chrome emulator, like iPhone 5. Cannot repro on my phone (Pixel 2 XL).


I don’t know if this is a bug in my browser but whenever I hit topic controls or categories when creating a new topic here on meta my keyboard appears then disappears, whereas the keyboard doesn’t pop up on older discourse versions, including my own forum,40 I haven’t checked anywhere else but here. I’m using chrome on mobile device.

^ This sounds related to the above (which was an issue before the new composer was merged so I’ve moved the post).

This should be fixed, can you confirm please?

The age selector drop-down works fine now but the About box can sure use some work.


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