[Android] Topic control dropdown activates keyboard

One of my users notified me that when you use Android and activate the “topic control”-dropdown, the keyboard activates, even though you can’t input anything anywhere. I confirmed it on my S8+ with Oreo using Chrome.


I can repro this as well. Not just “Topic Controls” but also the notification state controls. cc @joffreyjaffeux.


As a side note, pressing the wrench icon brings up admin tools (if you’re admin) - doesn’t look like you can fold that one back, and it looks weird when scrolling over a youtube onebox (the title of the youtube box is over the admin panel)…

Fixed by



This has reverted for me on Android / Chrome 68 and Chrome 68 Beta - when selecting Topic Controls or Tracking options the keyboard pops up.


Also affects:

  • all drop downs in the topic timer modal
  • the category and tag drop downs in the composer
  • category, subcategory, and tag filters above the topic list
  • time range selector above /top and /u

Still pretty narrow for most users.

I can repro on my fully up to date Android device. Any ideas @joffreyjaffeux?


I pushed a fix which I think is fixing it. I tested it on an android device with chrome 68 and could reproduce before, and not after this fix. Let me know if it works for you @supermathie please.


Looks good to me. No more keyboard pop up on topic timer modal, topic controls, or the time range selectors. Still seeing the keyboard appear on the category and tag drop downs in the composer and filters above the topic list, but I’m pretty sure that pre-dated this regression. Those drop downs/filters have an actual search field that is gaining focus, likely calls for its own topic.


All better for me! Thanks!

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Yep, looks great now! Thanks for your work on this @joffreyjaffeux :heart_eyes:

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It’s kind of hard to automate testing on this sadly :confused: Thanks for looking at it. I learned a lot since I started writing select-kit and will need to dedicate some time in the future to improve all of this. There are a lot of things I could write in a better and safer ways now.


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