Anonymise all users by default during sign up

Hey, I need help with this.

On my forum, to maintain the online privacy of all users, I’ve kept them anonymous and disabled first and last names. The only thing that is visible is the username, which I’ve also been changing manually to a unique alphanumeric number, for example: User0000188.

I did that manually for 1800 users, but now, as more users are joining every day at a higher rate, it’s getting quite difficult for me to do that manually.

I’ve tried the anonymous mode, but I didn’t like it as it requires me to educate all new users regularly.

Kindly please guide me on how I can change the username in that format (User0000178) for all users automatically, or during the sign-up, the username will be automatically pre-filled in that format.

I think you need a custom plugin that either assigns them a random username or perhaps somehow forces everyone into anonymous mode all the time (may be possible in a theme component?)


Okay, thank you for sharing that!