Anonymous by default

Is it possible to make all users in a Group anonymous by default? We want to create some private groups for our Enterprise customers, but we need to make all users anonymous. If a user is added to the group (by invitation or we manually add them) is it possible to set it to anonymous be default or does an admin need to manually anonymize each user as they are added?

As a corollary to this, if a user is anonymous in the private group, can they non-anonymous in a public group on the same Discourse instance?

These kind of fancy use case would require either a custom plugin or a sophisticated SSO implementation.

There is nothing automatic I can think of that exists in the product that would force people to automatically login to anon account if they are member of a group.


Thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ll explore option C: create private forums for each enterprise customer, which eliminates the need for anonymity.