Anonymous users in Consolidated Pageviews

In the control panel / consolidated page views are listed daily statistics of Logged in users, Anonymous users and Crawlers. My website has a guest wall which restricts visitors that are not logged in to 1 page visit. However, I’m still getting a lot of anonymous users in the statistics, around 40% of the logged in users. Cralwers are around 5%, all this on average.

What are the possible scenarios here? I’m thinking either

  • there’s a crawler that is not identified by discourse as a crawler

  • either a high number of 1 visit only visitors that exit once the guest wall pops up.

Is there any other possibility?

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First one most likely. Check your logs and origins of IP’s. Many on those are solid bots, but yes, there is a lot user agents that look like a user, but aren’t. Your 5 % is really low, because it is quite often closer 80, unless you are doing some geo-blocking.

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