Anonymous views suddenly very high

I never know what to think of the anonymous views numbers but it never seems to corresponds to Google analytics data in any meaningful way.

The last four or so days has brought this into focus because there has been a huge sustained increase in anonymous views which is unusual.

It may be coincidental since upgrading to 3/3.1 but could it be related as it began a little after.

While also seeing that login stats look to have dropped significantly, that’s concerning.

Generally it hard to know hit to view login stats either as they don’t correspond to analytic numbers but looking only at the dashboard these is a strange new trend.

In terms of the disparity of Google analytics and dashboard stats, here is a simple example - you see 500 Google analytics unique visits for a day but on discourse dashboard 2000 logins, 50000 anonymous view and 5000 crawkers.

What is going on overall with these stats?

How should we treat the data and what can it tell us in terms of managing a discourse forum?

Are anonymous views an indication of unsolicited farmed traffic and a waste of resources?

Such traffic is filtered from Google analytics if you select the right option - maybe it’s not on the discourse side and could indicate it be some kind of low level DDOS type traffic for whatever bizarre and spurious reasons, again wasting resources but possibly affecting genuine logins?

No report thus far of login issues.

Overall how do we interpret the dashboard numbers!

Thanks fir any insight and tips.

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