(Another) Discourse to Discord webhook


I somehow managed to overlook this one until mine was done. The more the merrier?!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Err, not really :stuck_out_tongue: Since both are written in PHP, we’d strongly prefer it if the two of you ended up maintaining a single project together. There’s much more to be gained from that.

I don’t know how specific @DanielMarquard’s code is to Crit Cola though; that might justify keeping the two codebases separate, at least in the short term.

On a different note, if you think you’d be able to make something like this for Discord, let me know, as that’s the type of work we’d be interested in sponsoring.

(toleressea) #3

The more the merrier! At least according to this…

A directory of all extensions & integrations for Discourse which are not Discourse plugins, i.e. a CMS plugin, a browser extension or a native application. If you’re presenting a self-contained utility or tool of some kind that relates to Discourse, this is the place to put it.

People can review all the options and pick the best one! In other news, I have a totally unrelated feature request I was hoping you could spend your free time on…

(Daniel Marquard) #4

Crit Cola’s Discourse-to-Discord webhook will work for anyone, but limitations in Discord’s embeds led me to go in my own direction in terms of the appearance of the embeds and what information they’re inclusive of. Here’s what the embeds look like using Crit Cola’s config, but with no other code changes as compared to what’s in the public repo:

This can be easily forked and customized to achieve a different layout, but this isn’t required.

I’d very much favor a more native solution that doesn’t use PHP. I work a lot with Node.js and PHP, but not so much with Ruby. :confused: