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Is it possible to create a topic that is only updatable (reply, edit) only by the author or admin or moderator, but readable by everyone?

I would like to have your opinion about a new permission for categories?

I’m building a support platform using Discourse in which professional users can ask questions and author or admin can answer.
I would like to create a category in which professional users can ask questions and can only be answered by the author or admin. Standard users can see the questions and answers of others but can not create or answer topics.

Currently we have “Create, answer, see”, “Answer, see” and “See”, this permission would be something like “Create and see or answer own topic”.

What do you think of this feature? Do you think it would be easy to implement?


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That is already possible through groups!

Create a group, call it professional users add relevant people to that group. Then create a category and set it’s permissions as follows:
Admins can - create/reply/see
Professional users can - create/reply/see
everyone can - see


if they are given “create/reply/see” permission to professional users, they will answer to all posts, but I just want to answer to their own topics

Send a PM, that is what PMs are for.

Will standard users be able to read this when professional user send PM??

The only concept of per topic permissions in Discourse is in PMs. Outside of that it does not exist.

Only users that are invited to the PM can read it (and Admins, if they so choose, but we are working on a plugin called discourse-encrypt which will make that impossible).

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@nour, are doing that to every member that want that kind of topics? :thinking:

To be more clear, this explanation has the point we are looking for: