Can replies to topics be limited to only the author of the topic?

(Rob Meade) #1


I had an idea earlier… yeah, yeah, I know, perish the thought eh… :wink:

So, it occured to me that many of our creative users often post things they are working on across a multitude of topics and for differing courses, in our case. I wondered whether they might like to have a kind of portfolio type feature.

My thoughts were, a user creates a topic, and then adds their screenshots, video clips, examples of code, or whatever else. They could then return to their topic and perhaps add a reply with something new from time to time.

What may muddy the waters a bit would be if other users could reply also, e.g. rather than having an on-going portfolio of work it could get a jumble of conversation in the middle, which would perhaps be better placed in the existing topics, to help keep the portfolio clean.

So, my question is - it is currently possible to create permissions whereby the author of a topic is the only one (excluding admin staff) who is able to reply to it? I saw that there are Create / Reply / See and Reply / See and just See permissions, and there are a variety of groups that these permissions can be added to. Not sure if there is a combination that would allow for the above to work?

Thanks in advance for any help / thoughts.

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(Mittineague) #2

Perhaps the easiest would be for members to send a message to themselves. This would be equivalent to them having their own personal topic that others could not access unless invited into it.

(Rob Meade) #3


Thanks for the reply and idea.

I should have probably mentioned public portfolio :slight_smile:

So, they create a topic that everyone can see, but they are the only ones who can reply to it. I appreciate that they could just edit their original topic rather than replying to it, but I don’t expect a vast amount of our users would do that, equally, it may be beneficial to have the timestamp that comes with a reply against each update that they make to their portfolio.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

No, per topic permissions are not a thing in Discourse, and there are no plans for them to be.

(other than PMs)

You’d need to set up a whole category for this to wrap permissions around it.

(Rob Meade) #6

Hi Jeff,

You’d need to set up a whole category for this to wrap permissions around it.

That would have been the plan, e.g. have a category for them to post their portfolio topics in, but from what I can see, there isn’t then a way to then restrict the replies to only the author of a topic in that category.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Why can’t you simply ask people not to post in the topic, if you don’t want anyone else to post in it? I’m a little unclear why “just put a notice on it” isn’t sufficient?

The author could flag any post they don’t want in their topic.

(Rob Meade) #8

Yeah, I guess we could do that, there is the “About the xxxxxx category” topics where I suppose this message could go, and it could be pinned… I just have a feeling that as soon as people start seeing other people’s work it would be “Hey man, that’s really cool”

I do understand the point of Discourse is one of conversation and what I was thinking of above kinda goes against that.

Not to worry, just wondered if it was possible with the current permissions etc.


I have a similar challenge

I want to set up a “diary” category with following setup for topics:

  1. author of topic can reply to topic and posts
  2. other members can only reply to posts (not topic)
  3. other members’ replies are not displayed in the posts, but only can be expanded from post-control area for each of authors’ post

Is something like that possible?