Anti domination bot

First experiment with the Discourse API: a bot which discourages users from dominating a category.

This is already proving useful in our opt-in Politics category on one of my Discourse forums.

I’m new to Discourse API development, so feedback and PRs appreciated :+1:



Customise src/main/resources/application.conf.sample and save as src/main/resources/application.conf

See comments in file for instructions

Running with Docker

docker run -t \
    -v /path/to/your/application.conf:/root/src/main/resources/application.conf \

NOTE: /path/to/your/application.conf is the location of your customised application.conf file and must be specified as an absolute path.

Running (Development)

NOTE: Requires SBT

sbt run

I think perhaps a better way to do this is automatically limit number of posts per category per day per user. That is, every user gets 3 posts (or whatever number is comfortable) they can make in the Politics category per day.


Yes, that would be a better way of governing the category (although I do quite like that the bot gives a public shaming :smile:).

Is there an setting in core that would allow such a rate limit, or would it need to be a plugin?

Not sure, but the “public shaming” should be a PM anyway, because “public shaming” is rarely a good idea.

Note that our just-in-time education panels only appear in the editor for the user triggering the education panel…


I’m a big fan of the education panels but a) smartphone users don’t see them and b) some people choose to ignore them.

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