Limit # topic posts / user / month

This is a followup to Limit # of posts / month , in realizing that the original question had little to do with patreon and more with discourse in general.

I would like to be able to limit the # of new posts a user can make / month, based on their trust level. Are there any recommended existing plugins / features I study to get started on this?

That doesn’t seem like a good idea. If the user uses all of their monthly posts the first day, they’ll be unable to post for the rest of the month. If I couldn’t post for a month, I would not be back.


Sounds a bit like the voting plugin, where you get a limited number of votes.

Maybe this could be a category setting? Eg you can’t ask for support or post in the jobs board but you can join discussions elsewhere in the community?

I’m not a huge fan of blocking people from creating content on my site, but perhaps there are use cases where this would be important.

@pfaffman : The use case here is a paid QA/support site. The paying users likely incur a zipf’s law type distribution. The goal is to prevent a few users from taking up everyone’s time.

@tobiaseigen : Yes, it would be nice to have this be category based rather than site wide.

@merefield : I believe the traditional assumption is that questions/answers make the site more valuable – and thus encouraging questions/answers is good. However, in situations where responding to questions is (1) beneficial to the asker and (2) incurs a cost to the community/company, it may be useful to have the ability to limit the # of questions posted into certain categories per unit time.