Any forum using the Q&A plugin?


To resolve the problem Comments and replies are shown double under the default setting of discourse, I’m trying Question Answer Plugin and Discourse Upvotes to see whether better threads structure can be built.

These compact double-level threads (post-comments) are nice, and the voting feature provides more flexibility. I wonder if there are any forums/websites using these plugins currently? I browsed several websites here but failed to find any, since the setting is topic-level and the topics cannot be filtered by consistent tags or keywords… Much appreciate if anyone can give some ideas! Really hopes to see how they work with larger user and data scale. :grinning:


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I don’t know if it helps, but this is a client site I installed earlier this year

It is exclusively used for Questions and Answers together with the plugins mentioned


Yes this is what I’m looking for! I’m trying to find sites with this plugin. Thanks a ton :raised_hands:

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