Any good examples of well designed embedded topics?

I am working on my main content pages of my site, for example (looks like shit on a phone, not tested yet)

And I’ planning on embedding 2 sections that will be dynamic for both the SEO of those pages, but also to build internal link equity to the posts.

The first section is to my blog (screen cap below) but I’m wondering if anyone has any good examples where discourse forum threads have been nicely embedded into a website’s main pages. Note I’ll be using custom tags to pull the threads.

Let me know what you’ve seen out there that is a little more custom (and doesn’t just look like the default thread look) thanks in advance.

There is an example of embedded topics on this page: |Principles for Digital Development. The topics have been embedded with a WordPress plugin: GitHub - communiteq/wp-discourse-shortcodes: Extends the wp-discourse plugin by adding shortcodes that can be used to link to the Discourse forum..


That’s the sort of thing I was looking for, thanks :slight_smile: But definitely hoping there are nicer implementations out there for inspo, that design is a bit sloppy.

Hey, that’s my design :slight_smile: The client provided the specs though.

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Sorry Simon, was not meant to poke fun. It’s a good example of the “type” of thing I’m looking for and I appreciate it, there just isn’t much design to it. What I’m looking for is someone who has had a design firm blow it out of the water from a unique look at feel perspective. Kind of like what has done with their forums (huge fan)