Any mass email functionality?

That’s a total letdown. I’ve been citing mailchimp for years fighting against the concept of a single opt-in. Especially surprised that they shared very little data to support the change.


Forum notifications are not the kind of “unsolicited commercial email” generally restricted by law as “spam.”

Key words in bold.

If you sign up for a forum expect to get email from the host and as mentioned that feature should be disclosed in the signup/terms and there should be opt-out preferences.

Totally different than, I have this random email addrress so I am going to send a commercial email.

Email service providers may have broader policies than the law. Also the laws differ by location so how and if you are required to get the consent may differ.

Also “generally” meaning that sending an email about the forum might be ok; third party offers maybe not ok unless those types of emails are disclosed.

I am suggesting get the consent via the signup/terms. Otherwise, even the email digest could be suspect–another reason to add the privacy/term link to the invite page.

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Hi All,

With the impending GDPR date soon aproaching. What’s the consensus on sending an email to all of our users notifying them of new privacy policy and information on data control.

All of the various services I belong to this past week have been coming out of the woodwork.


This feature is so useful, I do not understand why the developers are not willing to implement it.
Specially with GDPR it would be great to be able to use discourse as a mailing list and have all users in a single place.

Why are you not implementing this? other people mentioned that this a basic functionality in other forum software

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Would this work for you?

  • Set up an Announcements category that every person who registers watches first post by default (can be set in admin settings)
  • Allow only staff to post in the Announcements category to protect users from spam (can be set in category settings)

Now when you post in Announcements, everyone gets the notification, including people who haven’t signed in because with them watching first post, they’ll get emailed with the full text of the post.