Schedule Weekly Digest

Is there a way to schedule the weekly digest?

I was under the impression that the way Discourse’s digests worked was that on an individual user basis, the last visit time was recorded, and the digest would send X number of days after that point (i.e. 7 days in the case of the weekly digest). However, I’m not sure if that is still the case as, when I look at my sent emails, I’m seeing my weekly digests being sent all at once.

Unfortunately, those weekly digests are being sent at an off-hour and I think I could drive better user engagement if I were instead able to schedule the weekly digest. Is this possible?

Research I’ve Done:

-This makes me think the weekly digest shouldn’t be behaving this way.

-Post never received a response.

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That is still the case.

Every 30 minutes we calculate users that are away for 7 days and send a digest.

What did change were some performance optimizations for sites that go days without new posts at

This can change the digest frequency, but will affect mostly communities in extremes, of either low new post or lots of users who doesn’t visit the site.


That explains it, thanks!

That’s my boat, as I use Discourse mainly as my comment provider.

There seems to be some interest in being able to schedule weekly digests (I can compile a list of other forum posts if you’d like), would this be something Discourse would be interested in? (Not committing you to development.) I think it would help alleviate a lot of the demand for the functionality requested here:

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That is not in our roadmap, so your best bet is to commission a custom plugin for you at the #marketplace.


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