Any way to automatically flag topics and replies that include an email address or phone number?

I’d like to follow-up on this discussion:

I work with a discourse forum. Although we don’t want to explicitly prevent people from posting an email address or phone number, we would like to explore flagging such instances before they are made visible.
Perhaps a plugin and/or via some configuration of the “Needs approval” or “Akismet” flagger?

Why not completely prevent it? I can think of many situations in which there are good reasons to post an email or phone number. Certainly in a user-profile where one would like to advertise their business or portfolio.
Why be wary? We’ve recently seen a case or two where people shared their personal email address when a private message would have been a much better path. There’s also a fear of people posting other people’s private contact info. A quick human review would sort these smoothly, I think.

I’ll pre-apologize if I’ve missed a feature, plugin or discussion about this topic already.

I guess you could go to Admin > Logs > Watched Words > Require Approval and enter some common @mailproviders and area codes.


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