Any way to remove columns in the users page?

Specifically looking to remove the visits, viewed and read columns from the Users (at and page, but haven’t found a way as of yet. Anyone know if it’s possible?

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I you just want to hide it from the interface you can certainly do it with custom CSS.


I have the same query. I would like to remove the “Likes received”, “Likes given” and “Days visited” columns.

I can’t work out how to do it via CSS. The columns appear to be made up of td elements all of class “number” but with no id.

Is it possible?

I know the nuclear option is to change the “enable user directory” setting.



Ok here we go. This will break if Discourse changes its user directory structure but is the best I can do in the absence of anything identifying each element of the table. It goes in the CSS part of a custom theme component.

div.users-directory table th:nth-child(2), 
div.users-directory table th:nth-child(3), 
div.users-directory table th:nth-child(8), 
div.users-directory table td:nth-child(2), 
div.users-directory table td:nth-child(3), 
div.users-directory table td:nth-child(8) {

I have a feeling it could be written better but it seems to work and doesn’t seem to break other tables.

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What you want to achieve can be done by overriding the existing page templates. There is an example of a column removal here:


Thank you. I will look into this, though most likely will keep what I have for now :slight_smile:

Though I’ve spotted that the “All time” user directory page has a 9th column I’d like to hide too.