How to hide users column on latest?


(Sora &\) #1

Hello everyone, i wanna delete column users in front page
examlple photo:
Help me!

(Kris) #2

With CSS you can do

.topic-list .posters {display: none}

Should views column be removed?
(Sora &\) #3

Not working?

(cpradio) #4

Make sure it is enabled. (bottom right corner)

(Sora &\) #5

Thank you so much cpradio

(Sora &\) #6

And i wanna delete user on posting page

How add Css @cpradio
thank you!

(cpradio) #7
article .topic-avatar {display:none;}
.topic-body .names {display:none;}

(Sora &\) #8

Thank @cpradio i done
You are hero :slight_smile:

(Sora &\) #9

Finally, @cpradio help me hidden here:

Thank you!

(cpradio) #10
.topic-map li:nth-child(1), .topic-map li:nth-child(2), .topic-map li.avatars {display: none}
.topic-map-expanded .avatars { display: none}

(Sora &\) #11

Thank @cpradio very much!

(Sora &\) #12

:slight_smile: And Here @cpradio Categories page?

Help me Css!

(cpradio) #13

Okay, so for the CSS, you just need to use your browser.

Right click on the avatars, choose Inspect (Element), then you should see something like

As you can see, it selected the image you right-clicked on and choose inspect element, you want to remove the whole column, so navigate up the DOM tree to the td.topic-poster, that is the class you want to target, which means you end up having

td.topic-poster { display: none}

You should probably put .topic-list on it too, so it becomes

.topic-list td.topic-poster { display: none}

(Sora &\) #14

Thank @cpradio
i understand what you teach! Thank you!

(Sora &\) #15

Hello @cpradio please help me css for hide users on mobile?

(Mittineague) #16

What is the HTML tag those are in and what, if any, attributes / values do they have?

(Sora &\) #17

we can’t HTML inspect element on mobile, so i don’t know HTML tag those are in and what, attributes / values am i have

(Jeff Atwood) #18

Just use Chrome for Desktop, press f12 key, then select mobile view. Very simple, then you can look at CSS and HTML exactly as they would appear on mobile.

(Sora &\) #19

i find this:

.topic-list.ember-view td.pull-left { display: none}

but My code don’t effect
@cpradio help me, i dont know code css, i don’t understand developt!

(Jeff Atwood) #20

You can post in #marketplace or hire someone who does to assist.

Alternately there are many free online courses that can teach you HTML and CSS.