Anyone familiar with UserEngage

Looking to migrate from mailgun. Mostly because mailgun is too barebones for someone like me that is entirely solo. If no one has experience with them then I would appreciate someone knowledgeable with Discourse mail connectivity to assist me. If you need compensation let me know what you need to make this worth your time.

UserEngage Funderbeam Profile
Funderbeam is a primary and secondary market for early-stage startup investments providing easy delivery and access to growth capital.


UserEngage Documentaton

What are you trying to do? Do you have discourse installed already?

Do you want discourse to send mail with user engage rather than mailgun? What advantages do you think sending mail with user engage rather than mailgun will afford?

Does user engage support sending via smtp?

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II posted information about the UserEngage service.
I have a production instance of Discourse but I need another install. I want to see how comfortable I am with hosting at on their new platfom.

It doesn’t seem to support sending mail via smtp.

I don’t see what advantage having discourse use them instead of any other market might be. I don’t know what “bare bones” means in this context other than “works easily”.

MailGun told me their market strategy is entirely focused on supporting developers.
I’ve spent 35 years and every cent on the cooperative I’m incorporating.
I woke up alone this exact date in 2002 and found my wife gone and myself $175,000 poorer.

About that time I discovered my family who assured me of their love and acceptance, was actually deeply ashamed to be publically associated with a “man in a dress”. I’m a Black Trans Gender Woman, Post-Op. I’m trying to build a non-profit organization by myself.

I’m exhausted and anything I can find to automate or at least make my work easier is attractive. MailGun has nothing that plugs into CRM software unless I develop it. UserEngage has a complete suite of products for constituency relationship management.

So this article that took a second to find won’t support Discourse?

How to connect your personalized SMTP?
UserEngage SMTP Service offers high deliverability and reliability rates, in addition to if you have your own mailing system you might find it more attractive to send personalized emails. The best thing about it is that you will keep using UserEngage just as before. The only difference is the distinctive server used while sending your messages.

Go to “Email” → SMTP settings
Click “Create new” button, and start filling out the form.

Here are all the fields:

  • Host: You have to find your mailing service provider host address. For gmail use
  • User: In almost all cases, this is simply the email address of the account you want to use.
  • Password: The password to your mailing account.
  • Email address: Well… that is pretty clear.
  • Reply to address: The email address where responses to emails should be redirected. It’s best to use the same address as above.
  • Sender Name: Have you seen any of those “Peter from example-company” emails? This is where you can set up your own title like that.
  • Port Number: It depends on the provider, so you have to check that.
  • SSL: Stands for the security certificate. We strongly recommend to use it, If you provider enables one.
  • TLS: Security protocol. Depends on the provider as well.
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The article you quoted here looks like instructions on how to make UserEngage use an external SMTP service (like Mailgun, GMail or a self-hosted server), not on how to deliver email to UserEngage.

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I just checked and it turns out they are a reseller of Amazon SES IMAP/SMTP services which are a pain to configure and don’t provide much in the way of analytics on traffic. UserEngage created automation, a data capture, and analysis and wrapped it up in a simple to use interface. Apparently, UserEngage thinks it intuitive enough not to require publishing a doc on it.

I don’t understand what analysis of analytics you need on messages that Discourse sends. Either people (1) click the registration link, (2) respond when they get notifications, (3) come back when they get a summary message.

Your assuming that is the only utility is registration and that discourse is being deployed as some stereotype forum. In fact the rhetorical character of your response logically implies you better than I understand my needs. Without being clairvoyant it isn’t likely you have the slightest idea what I’m doing.

Do you find that being rude to people is a good way to get them to help you? I do not find that to be the case. Maybe your experience differs from mine in some way.


Why don’t you tell us your goals, rather than how you think you can achieve them?