Integrate with mailing service (Hosted Discourse)

HI community.

Is there any way to integrate a mailing service (e.g. SendGrid) into a hosted Discourse instance?

I would like to use the mailing service to send emails to all users of my forum. Did check out the existing guides on meta.discourse, but all guides seem to require the editing of app.yml.


Yes, the official install guide requires email to be setup and refers to the list of recommended email providers for those who don’t already have one, and SendGrid is on that list.

I’m not sure what guide you are referring to on meta.discourse you should use the official install guide if you want to receive support from the Discourse Team. Otherwise you will have a non-standard install which could be much harder to get support for when issues arise.


Export the complete user list from the admin, user page – then you can feed that list of emails into any external bulk emailing service you like.


Hey Remah, thanks for the advice. My Discourse instance is hosted by Discourse itself though (i.e. paid plan), and not on any third party hosting service’s server like DigitalOcean. Hence, I was not prompted to configure any SMTP settings nor could I find any place on the admin dashboard where I could configure it…

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Thanks for the reply, Jeff! That would certainly work too.

I’d misread your question anyway. :blush:

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appreciate your help nevertheless :grin: