Anyone using Discourse for a Job Board

I run a popular job board for techies looking to find Jobs on a Visa.

Im now running into limitations of my CMS. I need several features that are already baked into Discourse, like

  • Membership
  • Discussion Board
  • Badges (to encourage discussion)
  • Mobile first design


So I would like to know if anyone has had success using Discourse for a Job Board.

Not a Job Board section on a Discourse community, rather using Discourse “Posts” as Job posts, and the community will only discuss the jobs and companies etc.

Does this even make sense, or are there some other hosted boards. I did look at a whole lot of them a while back and almost no-one had all the features of Discourse that I am looking to intergrate.

Thank you!


I haven’t used Discourse as you describe but it certainly does seem like a valid use. You could use topic templates to ensure people include all the necessary information.