Best ways to monetize Discourse with a job board

(Camille Roux) #1


I’ve created a community on Discourse. Now I’m thinking about monetizing. I think a good way for me could be a job board.
I saw nice plugin/themes for Wordpress to do that.

What are the best ways to integrate the job board into Discourse? I’ve to communicate enough but not too much.
Some of you have an experience about it? Have you got some examples? Know good Discourse plugin to do it ?

(Ashish Dung Dung) #3

Currently for monetization you can use official adsense plugin for Discourse. About Job Board, its still unclear, can you defined what you exactly want to do.

(Camille Roux) #4

Instead of adsense, I’d like to monetize a Discourse community using a Job board.
The community could buy job offer and I’ll display them in the discourse forum. I’m looking for the best ways of showcasing the job board and its job offers.

(Ashish Dung Dung) #5

Thanks kind of plugin would take lot of work. But the idea is quite good.

(Aaron Bell) #6

Did anything come of this? I want to be able to eventually offer jobs as well. Not necessarily on the discourse forum itself but maybe charge a employer money to make a post about jobs and feature on a whole jobs page.

Also allow recruiters access profiles of individuals looking for jobs based on the distinguishing features that the user sets on their profile settings.