API - Add User to moderator group

I’m looking to add moderator group to a user using API.

here is the call I used

Even though I get an error

“errors”: [

    "You are not permitted to view the requested resource."


"error_type": "invalid_access"

It’s most likely that you’re not passing the API key properly.

Thanks for your reply.

I thought of the same at one point but I have admin api key and its still the same error

Additionally, instead of moderator if I try to add the user to any other custom group it gets added successfully.

Wait. You just want to make a user a moderator? You just need to update the moderator field in the user record. It’s not really a group. That’s the problem.

You’d do this with the user API not the group API.

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I’m not certain is this is method if you are referring to.
However, I tried assigning moderator using this method.


“group_id”: 2 //moderator

and I got the following error.

“You cannot modify an automatic group”

Group editing is not how you make someone a moderator. Look at the admin page for that user, press the Grant Moderation button, and watch the f12 console to see what requests were sent.


Vow this is really cool… Awesome Thank you Jeff!

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