Api call returns nothing when too many requests

(Hosein Naseri) #1

I want to get a list of topic with api calls and show their average rating in my android app but I cant get more than about 36 topic at once and the api return empty if I go more than that. I tried to increase max user api reqs per minute/day but it didn’t help.

Is there any other rate limits that I need to increase?

(Hosein Naseri) #2

I have found the following file. Is it related to my problem? and if it is, How should I increase the limit here?

(Sam Saffron) #3

Add the following section into your app.yml

  reqs_per_second: 12
  burst_per_second: 12
  reqs_per_minute: 200
  burst_per_minute: 100

Edit to taste.