[API] How to get a category name with the ID (solved)

(Nino Treyssat-Vincent) #1

I use Discourse API client for PHP (by @michaeld I guess) and I can’t find how to get a category name/slug with only with an ID.

I need it to display (slug and id) of all our categories and their sub-categories.
But when I get the categories list, the only information about sub-categories is their id.

(Michael - DiscourseHosting.com) #2

I asked the same question a long time ago,

(Nino Treyssat-Vincent) #3

Thanks, is it implemented in your php client ?

(Michael - DiscourseHosting.com) #4

No, we never implemented that. Should be fairly easy to do, I can take a look later today.

(Nino Treyssat-Vincent) #5
function getCategoryById($categoryId) {
       $datas = $this->_getRequest("/site.json");
       $categories = $datas->apiresult->categories;
       foreach($categories as $categorie) {
         if(($categorie->id) == $categoryId) {
           return $categorie;

(Kane York) #6

You should probably save the data in a global, so you can call the function multiple times in the same PHP script.

(Nino Treyssat-Vincent) #7

I’d rather use /site.json once (to limit the API’s calls). We’ve added the following function to DiscourseApi.php :

function getSite()
        return $this->_getRequest("/site.json");

and then use it to get wanted informations :

  $categories = $discourseApi->getSite()->apiresult->categories;
  foreach ($categories as $category) {
    if (isset($category->parent_category_id)){
      $categories_all[$category->parent_category_id]['subcategory'][$category->id]['id'] = $category->id;
      $categories_all[$category->parent_category_id]['subcategory'][$category->id]['slug'] = $category->slug;
      $categories_all[$category->parent_category_id]['subcategory'][$category->id]['name'] = $category->name;
    } else {
      $categories_all[$category->id]['id'] = $category->id;
      $categories_all[$category->id]['slug'] = $category->slug;
      $categories_all[$category->id]['name'] = $category->name;

(code from congressus/discourse.structure.php at master · PartiPirate/congressus · GitHub)

(We don’t use the getCategoryById() I’ve suggested before)