"Api-Key" and "Api-Username" for try.discourse.org?

Hi, I would like to create some weekly statistic reports using the REST API. I will be doing this for
forum linkingyourthinking com

but I would like to start early before I have gotten the keys from the administrator which might take a while, since they are in the middle of a 6 week workshop.

So I was hoping to begin right now with try.discourse.org, Is that possible? I have tried
curl -X GET https://try.discourse.org/site.json
and it works nicely.

You can set up a local development instance of discourse for such work. It is fairly simple to do so.

See How do I set up a local Discourse Development Environment?


Thanks for the tip! Will there by any demo data in such an instance: users, groups and posts?

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There will be some default seeded data but you’re always free to create some data as per your own need.


If you are doing reports on public data on try.discourse.org you won’t need the API keys, as the GET requests will work just fine without it!


Thank you! I don’t have the terminology clear for me right now. I want to

  • list all groups
  • for each group, list group member statistics: seen, posts, read time, …
  • do this on a weekly basis and mail to the group leaders/guides.

That data is probably not public?

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It is! Discourse aims to be an open and crawleable platform by default. In fact you can even do the same on Meta.

curl https://meta.discourse.org/g.json

curl https://meta.discourse.org/groups/translators/members.json?offset=0&order=&asc=true&filter=


Group leader data will be on the first request.