App not running even in safe mode for fa_IR locale

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We get a blank page after we rebuild the site , it’s the same even in safe mode and with everything enabled.

the errors:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property 'one' on string 'پسندهای داده شده'

with a warning:

_ember_jquery-60dedd1….js:57263DEPRECATION:discourse/views/topic-statuswas moved todiscourse/raw-views/topic-status``

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our problem is something like this thread, with the difference that it happens for the string js.user_action_groups.1.

the site is upgraded to latest.

I would be thankful if someone can guide me how to help the app.

everywhere is blank, even the safe mode. but jason pages work good, like, or the /admin/upgrade/ page.

does anyone knows howto go to a previous version of discourse?

does anyone know howto restore a backup in terminal?

this howto doesn’t seem promising as I couldn’t even get a backup from the current version of database using the howto in terminal.

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after some accidental work, our forum goes live!

but it’s still broken when I put the default locale to fa_IR , and it only works in en language.

the error log for Persian language:

TypeError: Cannot create property 'one' on string 'پسندهای داده شده'
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at Object.initialize (
    at Object.test.n.initialize (
    at e.each (
    at e.topsort (
    at e.topsort (
    at i._runInitializer (
    at i.runInstanceInitializers (
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If you’re running on DigitalOcean, I recommend you have a snapshot where you have installed everything, including forum.

Then take backup from Admin tools before starting to edit. If you fail, destroy broken discourse droplet, boot new one, restore backup, enjoy life.

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I have the same PROBLEM with farsi (فارسی) discourse. after rebuilding my website just blank page shown. today I deleted my local because of some problems and after re-installing discourse on my local , I have changed my local discourse language to farsi and after that every thing went blank.
I think this is a bug in new version of discourse.

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How can I edit a language translation?
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Update to understand the problem faster:

when we delete the “translation_override” table from the database, and upload it on the local host, the problem is gone.

It seems that one of the new translated strings in the admin/customize panel has something wrong with some new updates.

Where are translations regarding the "badge system" saved in the database?
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This is the view of our digest email, one of the strings that we needed to delete in translation_override was “likes received”.

the problem can be with some update in the digest email. and I’m not sure if we can translate the string now.

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@neil can you confirm there is no stray hardcoded string there?

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(Neil Lalonde) #9

It’s not hard coded. The key for the translation is user_notifications.digest.liked_received. It doesn’t have a translation in server.fa_IR.yml, so we fallback to english.

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Closing this as stale, flag to reopen @Pad_Pors if still an issue.