Append a standard poll to new topics

Hello all!

New to Discourse but loving it so far. Great product. Great community.

Use case for this scenario is that we’re doing a community feedback forum for writers. I figured out how to use the poll feature to create a standardized list of questions so that every new ‘topic’ is being reviewed on the same 5-question rubric. I’m concerned, however, that an 80-yr-old retired dentist who wants to post chapter 1 of their life story is going to either get scared by that big chunk of code or accidentally edit / paste over it.

So the question is how we might either automatically append that section of code to every new post or even somehow hide it or lock it in the topic template so that it can’t be edited. Thoughts?


If you haven’t seen this plugin before, it might be just what you need:

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Whoah! Thank you Renato. That looks like it might accomplish exactly what I would like it to do. Cheers, -fk


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