Apply "Rebuild HTML" to all posts with quotes after splitting a topic

I moved some posts into new topics the other day and noticed that all quotes in the new topics were broken. The quoted text itself was fine, but:

  • Especially the first post might contain a quote from the original thread, but the link to it is missing at the top.
  • If you expand a quote you see a trash can icon or X posts were split to a new topic:ā€¦, but not the full post.
  • The jump-to button to previous posts in the new topic is missing.

All of this can be fixed, by selecting Rebuild HTML, but I had not been aware of this until now. However Iā€™m not seeing any reason why it cannot be done automatically after the posts have been moved.


This feels like a bug, we should automatically be queuing a rebake here.

@vinothkannans can you repro this and ensure that we set baked_version to null when we move things so an automatic rebake is automatically queued?


This is now fixed here