Applying bulk operations to search results seems to select different topics

I have a category with hundreds of topics in, and regularly there is a topic with “in the news” in the title along with the date. I have been trying to select all these posts and move them to a new subcategory called ‘News’.

I can successfully search for all the posts with “in the news” in the title, which are all in a certain category. I can then select all of them from the search results screen, and when I then try to ‘Set Category…’ in Bulk Actions for all these posts, and move them to another category, I find that it is other posts that appear in this category, not the ones that were selected as a result of running the search. The topics that move have no connection to the search results. It’s as if the list of search results is ignored and different topics are moved! I’ve tried rebuilding the app but nothing changed. If I manually select all the posts from outside the search screen I can do a bulk move to put them back in the original category, it’s just if I select the posts from the search results screen that the change of category doesn’t work properly and other random posts get moved category instead.


If I use the search function, as above, and instead of selecting all posts with one button press I just manually select the first 50 or so topics, then set the new subcategory in bulk, it works. The search results instantly update to show that new subcategory has been applied too.

The fault is to do with select all, it must, somehow behind the scenes, be getting confused with which posts form the complete list.

The same problem occurs if you select all then try to apply a tag. Posts which weren’t in the search results get tagged erroneously too and they appear to be the same ones that would get the wrong category applied.

To recreate try creating a new subcategory then searching for posts in the main category and bulk changing the category for all these using select all. See if just these posts move. You can move the posts back by viewing that subcategory outside the search environment, then selecting all and bulk applying the old category. This part of select all seems to work, it’s just the select all inside the search functionality that doesn’t do the right thing.

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