Arabic translation

hi @codinghorror
i need to launch my site quickly, but Arabic translation suffers from several issues.
first: it’s not complete
second: some word translated badly
third: Anas Ajlan not the perfect person for reviewing the translations :disappointed:

as you know i can’t change reviewed word but some of it translated very badly by Anas Ajlan
i want to make my translation without any restrictions, i does not mind to share it with the community by i can’t wait for reviewing and updating

please tell my how i can do that and make a poll about Anas Ajlan behavior.

you can simply use the admin->customize->site-texts panel and find the strings you wanna translate and proceed.

the url should be something like this:

i know that from here “
but that’s not a solution !
it’s very hard to use this panel to translate 40.83K source word, and why each person needs to repeat the same work?!!
and what would happen if i updated the site?? i really doesn’t know.

i think we need better support for Arabic translation. i doesn’t ask a lot
just remove Anas Ajlan from reviewers list and add two or three active reviewers.

I agree with @Mohamed_farahat , Please @codinghorror consider our request, same with me i want to start my website but there are 1000s of words waiting for review we need to these to be done so we can start our websites with no problems.

So again, please make it happen so we can start using this awesome software.

@Mohamed_farahat and @Jay91 why do not you just ask to become reviewers too?
I do not think the team has time to check who is active in translations or revisions.

If you want to improve Arabic translation you must actively participate on Transifex as it is in your interest.


Can we ask ? i thought you need something special or you have to be a part of Discourse team to be a reviewer !!

i don`t mind to be, that would be awesome because everyday i take like 10 minutes on Transifex translating words.

How i can send my request to be a reviewer ? @Trash

Nothing special is required other than speaking the language :wink:

Send me your email/transifex username via PM and I’ll make you reviewer.


Mentioning a team member like @zogstrip for example

EDIT: zogstrip is a ninja…

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@zogstrip Sent to you by pm.


Add me too :grinning:

there are still 3,721 strings to review can you add me as a reviewer my transifex username mohamedrez

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