A Very poor Translation for Arabic Language

Hi Everyone,

I’am new here, I started using Discourse for sometime, Till now everything look great.

except The Arabic Translation, Who are the responsible for translation, there is a lot of mistake and most of translater are using Robots to translate The English To Arabic, I need To put my own translate, Please help me how to do this, I made a search on : admin/customize/site_texts but i can’t find any terms that im looking for it.

Please give me a hand here.


Feel free to join the Discourse transifex group and contribute improved translations.


Hello My dear,

I did Already, My username there is : Kiwifu

With love


@Kiwifu I can see you (Kiwifu) in the list of translators for Arabic. Do you have everything you need now?

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There is some terms im not able to translated, Also i hear that you update the translate every week.