has trouble oneboxing

Hello! I am curious if there’s a way to extend the Onebox parsing feature to customize how it generates the Twitter-like cards for certain URL pre-fetches.

For instance, I would like it to generate a preview for URLs such as the following

which on twitter displays something like this

So you want special support for It looks like it’s missing the tags per the error message.

I get error code 429, so that service appears a bit wonky:

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well I suppose I’m wondering how to develop extensions to Onebox on my own, since I’ve found a few sites that Twitter apparently has special-cased and Discourse hasn’t…

Is there an extension or pluggable point for plugin authors to add custom parsing passes to Onebox?

Thanks for the reply!

oh! I see it has twitter-specific Opengraph tags. I wonder if those could be used…

Note that it does have an og:image property, but only a twitter:description :upside_down_face:

In case it helps diagnose the 429 http response, here’s another example of a Onebox fetch that fails, but with a different (403) response: Iran's hard-line judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi registers to run for presidency

to clarify this bug report slightly:

  1. the error message says that there isn’t an og:image tag, even though there is one (see toward the bottom of screenshot).
  2. Also, the og:description tag is explicitly marked as optional by the OpenGraph spec, so why does Onebox require it?

Thank you