Image chosen for onebox / opengraph on category page is unexpected

The blackness:

– has anyone encountered that blackness before?

An issue with Twitter, I assume.

If it helps to understand possible causes of the misreprentation above, here’s a screenshot of an earlier view of the same tweet (probably taken soon after it was posted):

In that early shot, Twitter’s representation was of the first of the three links. There’s the /about text for the forum.

In all later views of the same tweet, in a variety of browsers (including non-extended Firefox 53.0), Twitter’s representation is of the third of the links.

You are referring to oneboxing, which is the opengraph or oembed tags for a page. View source to see what image was selected in those tags, on the target page.

Use to troubleshoot.

Generally if you don’t like the image being chosen for oneboxing, remove it from the page by pressing the edit button.

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