Archiving post should remove item from all notifications

It would be really cool if archiving a post would remove it from the notification list others have. As far as I know archiving pretty much makes it done. But other users still have a notification for it.

Usecase: group message used for support; Archiving pretty much makes it “dealt with” and so there’s no point for other people from the group to look at it.

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Yes, I think this is on @sam’s list, but first

  • roll up all group notifications into a single line, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

  • add Suggested Messages (or similar) at the bottom of messages so you can jump to the next one efficiently


Note, this only happens if you are watching a group.

Agree we should probably yank the notifications if you “archive” a PM for a group.

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I don’t know how relevant this is anymore, if you are just tracking the group you get rolled up counts so it vanishes. If you are watching, you opted for pain.