Weird behavior for group private messages

When receiving a single message sent to a group, this is what I see in my notification drawer:

There’s a couple of things I don’t get about this:

  • even though I received only one message, the counter says “16”;
  • the notification does not display the title of the message thread it relates to, which is different from how a notification for a “regular” message would behave.

Why do notifications for group messages behave so differently? Is there a way to make them behave like notifications for regular messages?

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This happens when you are tracking a group, if you want individual notifications for every reply watch the group instead.

Tracking a group is a softer level of notifications that helps you keep track of how many “non-archived” messages the group has.


This is really helpful, thanks!

Hm… I’ve set up all the groups to “watch”, but I still receive only the aggregate notification. Could you please explain in more detail what I need to do in order to receive notifications for each individual reply?

I suspect this is cause these are historic pms, can you confirm all brand new pms work as expected?

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Yes, new messages do get a separate notification. Is there a way to turn off aggregate notifications for all old pm threads, as well?