Are automatic badge triggers still available?

Hi, I’m trying to create a badge that is automatically granted, and I can’t find where to enter the SQL query while editing the badge. Is this somewhere else? Has the feature been removed?

Any help is appreciated, of course. Thanks!

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yeah - you have to enable them from the command line first, though. see this topic.


I see, thank you for sharing.

Is this still the best way to grant custom badges automatically?

Also, quick bit of feedback: I was searching for variations on “badge trigger” since a lot of the prior writing refers to triggers, but that post doesn’t have this so it didn’t show up in my searches. Maybe this will help somebody else.


This remains the most efficient and timely way of automatically assigning badges based on a particular action on the forum.

If you are happy with a 24 hour delay you can just bypass thinking about triggers and just use a badge query.