Are badges customizable?

Hey whats up everyone?

I was wanting to customize emblems so I can engage with my community in a sort of Gamification model. This way I can get them to engage, respond to posts and more… I feel if I cant use gamification they will only read and never write, which isnt my objective.

I wanted to create an emblem for X/Y/Z Topic Responses. So if in the month they responded to 10 posts, they receive an emblem (and im warned by email) so I can give them a % discount on their subscription with my main company. Is there a way to gamify close to this or are the emblems locked? Because they lose their point if everyone is forced to use it the way Discourse wants… I would love to customize how emblems are achieved so I can engage my community further, please help! :slight_smile:

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I think you mean badges and not emblems and if you do then yes they are.

Here is a guide to creating them:

Here are some examples of custom badge queries: