Are notifications ON or OFF?

Is the button showing the current state or what the state will be when the button is pushed?


The button shows what it is going to do when you click on it. Your notifications are enabled, so you can click “disable notifications” to disable them.
When your notifications are disabeled the button shows “Enable notifications”


TY for the quick answer.
I’d submit that the UI text could be a little clearer. Something as simple as the label showing
Live Notifications are Disabled or
Live Notifications are Enabled
depending on the state.


I changed what I could quite early becauce for me, as non-native english speaker, those forms are commands what will happend. Not telling what is current status.

I reckon enabled instead of enable would be right form.

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Totally understand. If for some reason you’d prefer to not change the label above the button, then the button text should toggle between
Notifications Disabled
Notifications Enabled
However, that’s not great UI design. Changing the Live Notifications label above the button would be the better and clearer solution.
If you prefer to have no text changes, then you should use a checkbox.
( ) Notifications Enabled

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This setting is also controlled by individual browsers, and will report that like this:

If there is an option to be able to disable notifications, that means they must first be enabled.

“Disable Notifications” is not a statement of state, that would be “Notifications (are or are not) Disabled”

English is confusing.