Adding text in notification level button of category pages

Currently we have “Notification Level” button like above. New discourse users will have no idea about the button until he clicks it.

If we include the text “Follow” like above then the user will have basic guess about that button. And we can change the text like below for other notification levels.

Following => {Watching, Tracking, Watching First Post}

Follow => Normal

Muted => Muted

I hope it will be more user friendly. Like “Watch” button in Github


There are other places the button is just a glyph, like the vertical timeline.

For topics we have “notification level” button in two places (bottom of the topic and vertical timeline). We already having text in the button at the bottom of the topic. Vertical timeline button doesn’t have enough space for text.

But for categories this is the only place where we have “notification level” button (except the setting in user preferences). That’s why I have more concern.