Are Private Topics counted in the Topics & Posts Report?

Hi there,
We are trying to calculate how many questions are posted through our Community Forum (based on Topics and Replies).

At first, we calculated this with the reports Topics and Posts.
But the thing is we are not sure anymore if the messages sent to the ‘‘Private-Support’’ are included in these two reports. Does anyone know?

Are the private-support topics considered as messages and counted separately (for example, in User-to-User (with replies) or User-to-User (excluding replies)) or are they included in the total of Topics and Posts?

Is there anyway of seraching the Private-Support messages separately?
Thanks in advance,


I guess no one knows :no_mouth: or is it just my question that has an obvious answer I can’t see?

Personal Messages are not counted in the Topic or Post reports. Are your Private-Support topics Personal Messages, or are they regular topics that you are creating in a protected category?