Are screened email partially matched at signup?

I had screened the email in my Discourse instance, and couldn’t register with But removing from the screened emails allowed to register.

Is that the normal behavior?

I’d assume that to be true for the reason that sub-addressing is a thing and ESPs use all sorts of separators e.g. some use + while others use .

So in that sense, if some provider uses - to allow for sub-addressing emails then screening at discourse stands true.

E.g. if is blocked but is not then can still register by just adding a +new to their existing email. That defeats the purpose of screening.

So it seems like by design but I’d have a look into the code for an evidence verifying the same.

Yes, we match to a levenshtein distance of 2, so very similar emails will be blocked. See levenshtein distance spammer emails


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