Are there any fees for running AI?

This is fantastic, i can’t wait to give it a try!

Are there any fees to pay, or limits to community sizes before they send too many requests and fees need to be paid to keep it operational?

I realise its a touchy subject, but are the AI service providers recording the answers and if so is there any information on what they are doing with the data?

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There is something you can check in askym but you probably want to self-host or try to use their APIs for keep your data secured by yourself :slight_smile:

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Is there likely to be API charges in the future for any of these, or a fair use policy if a big forum is sending a lot of requests?

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Some modules use paid api (like chat gpt). Some use open source resources that you can self host. There is no charge for those except the computer power to run them (and maybe someone to install and manage it).


Thanks @pfaffman. I’ve had a little look and it would help if we could start a discussion around that as it’s not clear how many requests each is likely to send, and i imagine people using these would want to know how much its likely to cost if they provide it for their users.

I understand that’s tricky as a few of them have multiple options to choose from. I just didn’t see anyone talking about it at all.

ChatGPT 3 is currently $0.002 per 1000 tokens or approximately 750 words, according to google.

Has anyone calculated how many API calls an average user on their site is making via these plugins?

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With a crowd as 10/50 people using the API you probably spend $5/10 by month (or much less) but it totally depends on the specific use.


I don’t think there is much way to guess. There are many different AI functions. It’s impossible to guess if users will find that they can use it and spend all day playing with it or what. You’d need to try it out and keep close tabs on how much it was used and be prepared to disable it (or limit to a smaller set of users) if you went over budget.

I think that you pre-pay chatgpt, so you could just let it run down to zero without worrying about going over budget.

Some of the modules can be self-hosted, so those wouldn’t cost anything more than the VM hosting.


Thanks. It’s not ideal as i’m trying to submit costing for a funding proposal, but it doesn’t look like there is a specific answer yet as the tools are so new.

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In that case, from my limited experience seeing and reviewing grants for NSF, just ask for as much money as you think you can get away with. :slight_smile:

You can do some back of the envelope stuff, so you’d start with

(You might want to get your pricing from ChatGPT for the proposal :slight_smile: )

So if a 750 word thing costs $0.0002 how many of those do you need to do whatever you’re proposing? Unless you’re proposing “turn on chatGPT on a forum and see what happens” then you should have some idea what it is you’d expect. But if you are just donig something exploratory then you just figure out how much the guidelines say you can spend for compute resources (e.g., total budget minus staff and overhead) and use that number. :person_shrugging:


Thanks Jay. Very loose guidelines so i’ll have to guestimate and round up a bit.