How much do you spend on OpenAI integration?

Question for people using OpenAI to add features to their Discourse forum: how much are you spending on the API access?

It might be good to have the number as a proportion of your hosting costs - a bigger forum costs more to host but will make more use of the API too. A tiny forum will cost little, in both cases.

This is just idle curiosity on my part, but it might be a useful calibration for people thinking of adding OpenAI features.


I’ve just started loking at adding AI tonight. Unless I’m missing something (quite possible) the costs for a small forum using OpenAI at $0.01 in and $0.03 out / 1k tokens seems pretty trivial. What I’m getting stumped with now is how I’m supposed to be charged given the account has no payment details. I’m obviously missing something.

I’ll install the plug-in and see how far I get towards enlightenment.


Very small forum and just 8 users using daily Discourse AI and around 20’ish the chatbot. DAI creates few images every day and creates perhaps 5 longer texts and chatbot answers to short questions. Mostly DAI uses 3.5-turbo but now 4 turbo, the chatbot is under 3.5-turbo-16k or what the exa t model now was.

It costs to me quite close to 50 USD a month now. To compare VPS costs… 24 or so EUR and S3 something like 15 USD. So that wise OpenAI os quite expensive and I did an error when I introduced GPT models to my active users :woozy_face:

And I really really really much would like to get group restrictions what model they can use.

For bigger communities free-to-all GPT can be really expensive.


At present, I am perusing my own data; I manage an active forum with nearly 8,000 users, of whom approximately 2,000 to 3,000 are active daily. I implemented this feature back in August, having invested $24.00, yet according to the graphs, I have only utilised $1.07.


So no one is using it. Can you guess why?

I’m not too sure I have everything set up, including summary and filter, etc. I guess I’m the only one using it on the forum, even though I specifically introduced it there, even with a test. But hey, saving my pennies will go a long way with myself using it :rofl:

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For new account they give out something like $5 “free credit.”


Thank. That’ll probably last me quite a while. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a play around and figure it out as i go along. It’s not a critical element so shouldn’t be disruptive to anyone.

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You guys might be interested in this change I’ve made, to help you manage costs, monetize access to the bot, etc. by allowing you to vary the bot model & type by group:

Thanks to @Aizada_M for making this great suggestion